Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oi! Cthulhu release through Mighty Jaxx

silence might be golden
but I've been hard at work
toiling at my next piece
which will be released through Mighty Jaxx

Oi! Cthulhu 
is my reinterpretation 
of the classic Lovecraftian monster
I envisioned a series of earthly deities;
beings that have been immortalized
from tales of past
and how they would appear in a more contemporary setting
I wanted to convey the duality
of the Cthulhu (a sleeping behemoth / harbinger of destruction)
and sculpted 2 different hand gestures
(the hand of benediction for peace and the sign of the horns)

set to drop on 11th of April, 10am SGT
(10th April, 10pm EST / 7pm PST)
this 6 inch resin figure
comes fully painted
with magnetized wings 
and interchangeable hands
and will be available
for usd70

on to the flicks,
which include the unpainted sculpt
to show how detailed
this bad oi boy really is

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