Tuesday, January 27, 2009

feature in Funkbuilders

big shout out to Alan of Funkbuilders for the righteous props
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

de Plume, a work in progress

next in line
from Ashley Wood's World War Robot

Sunday, January 18, 2009

feature in Culturepush

huge thanks to Michele of Culture Push for this pretty-damn-cool opportunity
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Curious Panorama of Corporate Utopia

The Corporation

Rebel 'R' Us

Heartland Ah Lan

Amidst strife and turmoil, a shining beacon of hope emerges. From the heartlands of the East, Ah Lan could tolerate the antics of the Corporation no longer. With plans that would bring balance to an already ravaged landscape, he is now looking to recruit a team of like-minded vigilantes to fight for the cause of liberation and individualism. Join him in the revolution that is Rebel 'R' Us, and witness what unfolds next.

Salvation Ma Li

Little is known about the origins of Ma Li, only that she was found at the doorsteps of Heartland Ah Lan's home one October morning. Possessing a peculiar affiliation for all things phantasmal, Salvation Ma Li is often seen alongside Ah Lan in their epic adventures of eradicating the world from corporate villiany.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Corporate Chump

From the depths of the corporate world arises the Corporate Chump. The Corporate Chump is bound by duty and forever entwined in the monotony that is the rat race of life. An unwilling advocate of the Corporation, he longs to be validated by his peers and eventually break free from the shackles of the Corporation. Someday.

The Corporate Chink

An experienced warrior, the Corporate Chink is bound by a strict code of honor and is generally passive by nature, but can be ruthless when provoked. Sword in hand, he upholds the ideals of the old world - honor, loyalty and good grammar. Through the hellish plains of the Corporation, the Corporate Chink never loses sight of his quest to protect the cornerstone of all great civilizations: the virtue of obedience.

The Corporate Chic

In this day and age, women are rising up amidst a previously male-dominated environment and are looking to conquer it through any means possible. Rebellious in nature with a "take-no-prisoners" attitude, the Corporate Chic embodies female empowerment and ushers in a new age for the Corporate realm.

The Corporate Chimp

A loose cannon that throws caution to the wind, the Corporate Chimp covertly schemes to shake up and conquer the shady establishment that is the Corporation. The Corporate Chimp spends his days within the Corporation, awaiting the next big opportunity to overthrow the Corporate Champ.

The Corporate Champ

At the top of the corporate ladder lies the Corporate Champ. His adaptability to any social situation makes him a force to be reckoned with. To him, dominating the corporate world is seen as a sport; one that he is unquestionably good at. His style being both technical and aggressive, the Corporate Champ possesses the crucial ingredients in making him the undisputed champion of the corporate world.

Friday, January 2, 2009

rebel 'R' us
02 of 02
heartland ah lan
when it rains, it pours

painted versions up shortly.

rebel 'R' us
01 of 02
salvation ma li

05 of 05
the corporate chink
04 of 05
the corporate chic