Friday, July 15, 2011

exhibited works for Age of Uncertainty

it's been a long time coming
but anyways here they are
several new works from the
Age of Uncertainty group show
back in june

most of the figures
are heavily reworked Uglydolls
did some pretty extensive hand and face sculpting
this time around
so that was pretty fun

more pics at my Flickr photostream
now located at the sidebar on right.

wishful thinking
3 inches
was an Uglydoll Wage figure

trials & tribute-lations
3 inches
was an Uglydoll Jeero figure

still standing/standing still
3 inches
was an Uglydoll Ket figure

3 inches
trexi figure

imaginary friend
3 inches
was an Uglydoll Max figure

a rhino & friend
4 inches
tmnt Rocksteady figure

a little stranger
3 inches
was an Uglydoll Icebat figure

a guerilla peacemaker
4 inches
tmnt sgt bananas

a grey wolf
4 inches
tmnt Rahzar

a disgruntled blue collar worker
4 inches
tmnt Pizzaface

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